Why Onsite Private Security Guards?

Do you have a Southern Utah project w/ materials, equipment & products you need to secure?

Need a security presence at your place of work, or in your Southern Utah community?

Have you received threats at your business? What about recent, or repeated issues with theft, vandalism, trespassing or more serious crimes?

Onsite Private Security – “OPS” – may be right for you.

Onsite Private Security Guards serve as a deterrent to crime. We stand as protectors of your Product, Property and Personnel. Serving Southern Utah and surrounding areas.
We  can utilize the power of technology combined with a physical presence to protect or assist in an investigation to crime. 

Our Security Officers are trained, licensed professionals for armed and unarmed security. Whether you need a constant 24 hour presence, or simply need to be added to our nightly mobile patrol, we have the ability to suit your needs.

We provide our services in a number of cities in Utah, including St. George, Washington, Hurricane, Cedar City, Beaver, Milford, and now expanding to Roosevelt and Vernal.


Mobile Night Patrol

Mobile patrols are our security guards’ bread and butter. We provide Southern Utah intermittent security patrols throughout the night, when crime is statistically most prevalent. Sleep soundly knowing a trained professional security officer is checking in on your property. We stay up so you don’t have to.

Event Security

Gathering a large group of people? Concerts, parties, reunions, sporting events; our security guards can do it all. Armed or unarmed, uniformed or undercover. Our officers have been involved in events such as IronMan, Nitro Circus, Washington County Demolition Derby and the Tour of Utah

Site/Lobby Security

Many situations call for a constant security presence for all hours of the night. Our security guards provide day and night security services for those situations, such as gated communities, industrial/commercial job sites, construction sites,  and even tent sales.

Workplace Violence Prevention

Disgruntled employees often make threats of violence toward co-workers or property damage at their place of work. If a business is concerned with these threats, we can be contracted to ensure the safety of employees & property. The presence of security guards makes these actions less likely.

Armed Cash Deposit Escorts

If a business has a large cash deposit they want to ensure arrives safely at the bank, our security guards will provide a scheduled armed escort service for cash deposits. Don’t run the risk of losing your hard earned cash.

Private Probation/
Private Investigations

Onsite Private Security affiliates with Kelly Oversight for Private Probation and Private Investigation needs. Click the Learn More button below to be routed to their website.

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For bids, please email details to [email protected] or call Dane at 435-592-0650.
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Other cities in and around Beaver, Iron, Kane and Washington Counties.