Sexual Harassment Policy


Policy Brief and Purpose:

The Onsite Private Security Inc. sexual harassment policy aims to safeguard employees of all sexes and gender identities in our company from unwanted sexual advances, and provide them with guidelines to report incidents. It also explains how we handle complaints, take action against offenders, and help survivors to recover.

We will not accept sexual harassment in our workplace.

This policy applies to all Onsite Private Security Inc. corporate officers, employees and contractors.

Onsite Private Security Inc. will not tolerate sexual harassment to or from outside the company either. Clients, vendors, patrons, investors, contractors, and everyone interacting with our company are covered by this policy.

Policy Statement:

Sexual harassment definition:

Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature are defined as sexual harassment when:

  • The offensive behavior creates an intimidating, abusive, or hostile work environment, or interferes with work performance.

  • An employment decision regarding an employee is made because of their response to the offensive behavior (quid pro quo harassment).

Anybody can be a victim of sexual harassment, regardless of their sex or gender identity and that of the offending party.

Sexual harassment can involve one or more incidents that may be physical, verbal, or non-verbal, and includes:

  • Commenting on somebody’s appearance, sexual orientation, or gender in a derogatory or objectifying way, or in a way that makes them uncomfortable.

  • Creating or posting sexually offensive materials in the workplace.

  • Flirting at an inappropriate time, for instance in a team meeting, even if these advances would have been welcome in a different setting.

    • These actions can damage a person’s professional reputation, and expose them to further sexual harassment.

  • Flirting with somebody or pursuing them persistently against their will.

  • Using obscene comments, gestures, pranks, and jokes that degrade or offend somebody.

  • Sending or displaying sexually explicit objects or messages.

  • Invading somebody’s personal space, for example by touching them inappropriately.

  • Threatening, coercing, stalking, or intimidating somebody to pressure them to engage in sexual acts.

  • Proposing, demanding, or insinuating sexual favors.

Sexual assault.

Reporting Process:

If you believe that you are the target of sexual harassment, inform the offending party (except in cases of sexual assault) verbally or in writing that their conduct is offensive and needs to stop. This can be accomplished via email, text or messaging platform.

If you don’t wish to communicate with the offending party, or if your communication is ineffective, you need to report them.

Complaints can be lodged in writing with Stephanie Womack, HR, via email: [email protected]. Your complaint will be documented and resolved within 7 business days. Complaints will be treated as confidential.

Both Onsite Private Security Inc. and federal law prohibit any form of retaliation against somebody claiming sexual harassment.

Investigation Process:

Onsite Private Security Inc. will:

  • Record the dates, times, and circumstances of the incident
  • Ensure that the complainant understands Onsite Private Security Inc.’s procedures for dealing with the complaint.
  • Determine what outcome the complainant wants.
  • Investigate the matter.

Based on the above, Onsite Private Security Inc. will further:

  • Contact the offending party and set up a meeting to explain the complaint, and to ask them to stop this behavior.

  • If the complainant agrees, arrange for a mediation session(s) with the complainant and the alleged perpetrator to resolve the issue.

Penalties for Sexual Harassment:

Employees who are found guilty of sexual harassment (excluding sexual assault, for which they will be dismissed) the first time may:

  • Be demoted.

  • Be placed on 90 day probation.

  • Receive a written warning.

  • Be suspended without pay.

  • Get a negative performance review.

  • Be denied promotions and/or salary increases for up to 24 months.

  • Be transferred to another department or branch if necessary.

  • We will dismiss repeat offenders after a second offense
    Support Structures for Survivors of Assault:

    Onsite Private Security offers survivors of sexual harassment the following support structures:

Referral and access to Canyon Creek Services (Cedar City) or The Dove Center (St George) – both non-profit organizations specializing in assisting victims of sexual assault.